Production Work

As a producer or co-producer, I work with each artist on a unique and individual basis. My most important job is to understand what their vision is for their song or musical piece. After that, my role can include anything from doing arrangements for instruments or vocal harmonies to playing parts or helping the artist get the right vocal performance by bringing in my experience as a singer and a voice coach. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting the best product possible.

Listen to some examples of my clients:

I-Never-Worry I Never Worry by ARE YOU WHY
Album co-produced, mixed and mastered by Perry Montauredes
Octave-of-Lover Octave of Love by Sharon Silverstein
Album produced by Perry Montauredes & Sharon Silverstein
Please-God Please God Protect Me From Your Followers
by The Incredible Doll Face
Album produced by Perry Montauredes & Scotty Dee